Episode List for Total Cartoon Island Edit

Not So Happy Cartoons

The First Challenge is to Jump off a 1000 Foot high cliff, Most People do it, but In the end, The Killer Lions Lose and a Character that Eddy Hates is Eliminated.

Bottom Two: Squidward and Lee Kanker.

Eliminated: Lee Kanker.

Don't Fall Asleep

The Rest of the Cartoons do the Awake-a-Thon, This one doesn't last long, as the Screeching Monkeys win again.

Bottom Two: Squidward and Shnitzel.

Eliminated: Shnitzel.


The Cartoons compete in a Dodge Ball War, Double D Begs to sit out, and a Powerful Brain Leaves that night.

Bottom Two: Eddy and Double D.

Eliminated: Double D.

Not Quite Famous

The Cartoons Compete in a Talent Contest, Squidward wins the Challenge for his team, Chowder loses the Challenge for his team and a Certaint Cartoon Animal is Eliminated.

Bottom Two: Chowder and Dagget.

Eliminated: Dagget

The Sucky Outdoors

The Cartoons Compete in a Camping trip, it doesn't last long.

Bottom Two: Eddy and Nazz

Eliminated: Nazz

Phobia Factor

The Cartoons Compete in a Fear Related Challenge, Norberts Fear is Revealed as Fan-Girls, Panini's is a Pool of bugs, Mung's old fear Meaches return, and Eddy's Fear is Losing his Money.

Bottom Two: Truffles and Eddy

Eliminated: Truffles

Boney Island

The Cartoons go to a Haunted Island to See who survives.

Bottom Two: Mama Bravo and Norbert

Eliminated: Norbert

Paintball Deer Hunter

The Cartoons compete in a Paintball Challenge. Not that much action there.

Bottom Two: Chowder and Panini

Eliminated: Chowder

Total Cartoon Island Remake Aftermath I

The First Aftermath takes Place.

Bottom Two: None.

Eliminated: None.