Chris:good morning campers!

Panini:what do you want now

Chris:todays challenge is a paintball deer hunt


Chris:the deers are the screeching monkeys and the hunters are the killer lions

(they start hunting and chowder is chasing down sarah)

(they stop at a cliff)

Chowder:all that stuff yeah please dont hurt me!

Sarah:your out of luck!

(sarah throws chowder off the cliff and walks in the woods)

Chowder:you cannot break a hunters spirit!

(back with endive and sarah)

Endive:get me some food from chef!

Endive:what did you say?

Sarah:no i quit this stupid alliance!


Sarah:Because you is a Idiot and Stupid Bossy!

Endive:Ok you is dead!

(Endive and Sarah Begins a Fight)

(every killer lion hits the deer)

Chris:ok now its the most important speech.......marshmellow time!

Eddy:get on with it!

Chris:fine spoil the moment,eddy,johnny,sandy,ms puff,pearl,the last marshmellow goes to.................................panini