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Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake the cartoons had to go to the woods for there camping challenge eddy scared the crap out of his team and squidward got mauled by a seabear making him not that useful and at the bonfire ceremony it was down to nazz and eddy and the shock was that nazz got voted off and not eddy who will lose the chance to win the hundred grand tonight find out today on total........cartoon......island!


(the episode is at the bonfire and the killer lions walk over to them)

Eddy:what do you guys want?

Norbert:just thought we would rub your loss in your face

(sarah elbows norbert in the stomach)


Sarah:why are you scared?

Norbert:im scared of fan-girls

(everyone tells there fear and morning comes)

Chris:hey panini theres some pool of bugs in the back wanna take a dive?

(panini spits out her water)


Chris:ok todays challenge is phobia factor first up is you panini

(panini does the fear)

(everyone does there fear except for Mung)

Mung:oh no meaches

(mung just sucks his thumb)

Chris:this is getting no where well there is one more person

Eddy:no no no you cant have my money its mine!

Chris:fine you lose


Chris:the marshmellows go to.......chowder,Johnny,Panini,Ms Puff,Sandy,Pearl that sure is one way to wipe a smile off a campers face show them a plate with only one marshmellow on it!


Chris:truffles i personally think this is wrong the last marshmellow goes to.....eddy!