pinklightnan has a total cartoon Island. So far there has only been three episodes But the elimination table is a PREDICTON. The elimination table is NOT true from Bart on but There will be a real full elimination table


There are two teams, The Animals whitch consists of Owen, Patrick, Bart, Tadase, Spongebob, Bloo, Ash, Kukai, Phineas and Ferb. And the La Flora whitch consists of Yaya, Candace, Sandy, Amu, Bubbles, Nadeshiko, Utau, Isabella, Lindsay and Lisa. The two teams have switched. Nyra consists of Clover, Tadase, Owen, Candace, Phineas, Lindsay, Isabella, Bloo, and Bubbles. Burza which consists of Bart, Kukai, Ferb, Yaya, Sandy, Amu, Utau, and Lisa. The Host is Iroha.

Elimination TableEdit


22: Izzy

21. Ash

20. Spongebob

19. Nadeshiko (With Patrick)

18. Patrick ( With Nadshiko)

17. Bart

16. Clover

15. Bubbles

14. Yaya

13. Amu

12. Lindsay

11. Isabella


10. Candace

9. Kukai

8. Phineas

7. Lisa

6. Utau

5. Sandy

4. Tadase

3. Bloo

Runner-Up. Ferb

Winner. Owen