Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake the campers were in a talent contest chowders was just plain gross but squidward easily won giving his team invincibility who knew he was useful for something who will be cast off the island find out tonight on total.....cartoon......island.......remake!


(all the campers were called to the bonfire pit)

Squidward:why did you drag us here?

Chris:you all should know

Norbert:are we voting some one off early?

Chris:nope its a camping challenge

Spongebob:yay camping!

Chris:you have to spend a night in the woods and the alarm goes off at seven am sharp thats when you run back here the team whos back here first wins invincibility the losers send some one home got it?


(they all head out to the woods and it turns to eight pm eddy is telling a ghost story)

Eddy:the man heard a knock on the door he opens it and a serial killer slashes his face off and then he pulls out his HOOK!


Eddy:ok johnny one question why are you so afraid of ghost stories your eighteen

Johnny:so isnt everyone?

Chowder:no not really

(Killer Lions)

Mung:this is strange

Spongebob:dont attract sea bears

(squidward plays the clarinet badly and a sea bear comes_


(squidward gets beat up)

Squidward:i think ill just run for my life!!!

(the seabear beats him up again)

Squidward:i guess i should just limp back then

(he gets beaten up again)

Spongebob:dont limp seabears hate that

Squidward:okay i guess ill just-

(squidward gets mauled again)

Spongebob:i shouldve warned you about crawling

(the seabear comes and beats him up again)

Squidward:what i do that time?

Spongebob:i dunno i guess he just doesnt like you

(they run back but the screeching monkeys are late)

Chris:you lose!


Chris:the marshmellows go to.....Johnny,Ms Puff,Pearl,Sandy,Squidward,Spongebob,Truffles

Eddy:let me guess its me

Chris:eh eddy

Nazz:i gotta go?

(nazz leaves on the boat of losers)