Is the 13th season of Total Cartoon Series.This time as 45 Castmates.The The contestants to return are Beth, Aaron, Lisa Si mpson, Duncan, Sponge Bob, Jimmy Neutron, Timmy, Bart Simpson, Courtney, Lois Griffin, Carl, Wanda, Owen, Justin, Marge Simpson, Candace, Gwen, Mona Simpson, Maurice, Homer Simpson, Geoff, Maggie Simpson, Katie, Sailor Jupiter, Heather, Dj, Wilt, Mort, King Julien, Sadie, Truffles, Rouge The Bat, Patty, Selma, Pearl, Rico, Cindy, Eduardo, Skipper and Marlene. The New Characters is Dexter, Dee Dee, Carl(Simpsons), Leeny and Flapjack.

Elimination Edit

Beth Placed 45th

Aaron Placed 44th

Sadie(With Carl) Placed 43rd-42nd

Carl(Simpsons/With Sadie) Placed 42nd-43rd

Mort Placed 41st

Eduardo Placed 40th

Heather Placed 39th

Wilt Placed 38th

Cindy Placed 37th

Maurice Placed 36th

Candace Placed 35th

Justin Placed 34th

Truffles(With Lenny) Placed 33rd-32nd

Lenny(With Truffles) Placed 32nd-33rd

Lisa Simpson Placed 31st

Cindy Placed 30th

King Julien Placed 29th

Gwen Placed 28th

Jimmy Neutron Placed 27th

Pearl Placed 26th

Duncan Placed 25th

Top 24: Edit

Sailor Jupiter Placed 24th

Patty(With Selma) Placed 23rd-22nd

Selma(With Patty) Placed 22nd-23rd

Maggie Simpson Placed 21st

Marge Simpson(Quit, Originally Dj) Placed 20th

Dj Placed 19th

Rico Placed 18th

Dexter Placed 17th

Geoff Placed 16th

Timmy Placed 15th

Marlene(Carl Switch the votes) Placed 14th

Carl Placed 13th

Final 12: Edit

Wanda Placed 12th

Bart Simpson Placed 11th

Mona Simpson Placed 10th

Dee Dee Placed 9th

Courtney Placed 8th

7 Finalists!!!: Edit

Homer Simpson Placed 7th

Owen Placed 6th

Lois Griffin Placed 5th

Katie Placed 4th

Rouge The Bat Placed 3rd