Is The Seventh Season of Total cartoon Serie.This Time is 14 castmates.The Reurning campers is Sponge Bob, Patrick, Squiward, Mr. Krabs, Phineas, Stacy, Candance, Wanda, Marge Simpson and Lisa Simpson.The New Characthers is Bubbie, Flapjack, Captain Knuckles and Vicky.


Screaming Candys:Edit

  • Captain Knukles(1st Captain)
  • Bubbie(2nd Captain)
  • Flapjack(3rd Captain)
  • Vicky
  • Sponge Bob
  • Stacy
  • Patrick

Killer Adventures:Edit

  • Marge Simpson(1st Captain)
  • Squiward(2nd Captain)
  • Lisa Simpson(3rd Captain)
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Wanda
  • Phineas
  • Candance


Mr. Krabs Placed 14th

Candance Placed 13th

Vicky Placed 12th

Patrick Placed 11th

Squiward Placed 10th

Sponge Bob Placed 9th

Candance Returns.

Candance Again Placed 9th

Stacy Placed 8th

Phineas Placed 7th

Teams Merge. Candance and Patrick Returns.Edit

Candance Again Placed 8th

Lisa Simpson Placed 7th

Patrick Again Placed 6th

Marge Simpson Placed 5th

Wanda Placed 4th

Captain Knukles Placed 3rd

Bubbie Placed 2nd

Flapjack Placed 1st