Episode Edit

Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake it was a cooking challenge the killer lions lost big time and sarah went home who will lose find out right now on total...cartoon...island!


(the episode starts with everyone on the dock)

Chris:campers today youll be testing each others trust

Eddy:i really dont think thats possible

Chris:well then eddy your first up along with johnny

Eddy:oh great

Chris:johnny has to cook a meal and you have to eat it

(johnny makes a dish)

Johnny:its called bubble rap cake!

Eddy:im not eating that!

Chris:fine now for endives and Mandys turn they have to knock off an arrow on your head with an apple

Endive:isnt it the other way around?

Chris:no questions and begin!

(endive gets hit with tons of apples)

Mandy:well that was a waste of time

Chris:now for the tie breaker its a jelly fish and alligator pool jump!

Pearl:are you sure its safe?


(flashback to before the show started chef his stomping someones hand off the bar)

Intern:please no no (falls) aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Chef:looks safe to me heh heh heheheh

(back to present time)

Chris:yes yes it is oh and since im the host i want the killer lions to go first if they make it they win if they dont do it you win and go!

Mama Bravo:ok one..two..three and jump!

(mama bravo grabs endive and they fall in the pool)

Chris:ok see you at the bonfire!


Chris:when i call your name come get your marshmellow.....squidward,spongebob,dib,mung,mama bravo,and the last marshmellow goes to................endive

Mandy:i hated this show anyway!