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Chris:last time on total cartoon island remake the campers were in a brutal training camp led by chef hatchet he showed no mercy at the bonfire ceremony it was cow girl sandy that took a ride on the boat of losers as we enter week thirteen at camp wawanakwa one question remains who will be voted off tonight find out on the most dramatic episode yet of total...cartoon...island!


(the episode starts outside the camp)

Chirs:Ok everyone have 2 Persons returning on the camp and the first of this 2 persons is Shnitzel!

Killer Lions:Oh No!

(Shnitzel Returns in the boat of losers)

Shnitzel:Rada,Rada Rada!(Yes in back because the lions traitors gets my of!)


Chirs:Ok campers the second camper come back is.....................Nobert!

Everyone:Oh No!

(Nobert apparears in a giant explosion!)


Chirs:Shnitzel is on Lions again and Nobert is on Monkeys! and.............

campers do you know what feels like to be tortured

Johnny:doesnt everyone here get tortured?


Johnny:i knew it

Chris:because todays challenge is extreme torture challenges!

Squidward:great just great

Shnitzel:Rada(oh no more tortures)

Chris:the first challenge is sky diving the two lucky jumpers are Nobert and dib

(they are on the plane)

Chris:i need you to sign these papers!

Nobert:but we already did that at the start of the show

Chris:you did but these are for organ donations so i cant get sued

(johnny falls off with dib)

Nobert:oh man this stinks

(Nobert lands safely while dib hits a tree)


Chris:glad it wasnt me!

Eddy:whats the next challenge already?

Chris:its an easy one its a mountain climb

(panini and spongebob start climbing)

Spongebob:this is easy!

Panini:i give up

Chris:well that was short and now for the final challenge its mud ski!

(squidward skis and pearl is the driver)

Squidward:haha i got four flags!


(pearl kicks squidward off)

Chris:heh now for tonight at the bonfire ceremony!


Chris:the marshmellows go to mung,endive,mama bravo,shnitzel and dib

Squidward:it has to be me who would want spongebob to stay on the island!

Chris:well the last marshmellow goes to.................................................spongebob!


Chris:see ya later loser hahahaha see you guys next time on total cartoon island remake